Since 1892, Hamilton has established itself as one of the leading brands in the world ,with a proven reputation for creating elegant, unique and reliable watches. The brand has an aviation heritage that dates back to the 1930’s, when Hamiliton became the official timekeeper of choice for commercial airlines in the USA. Today, they are the timekeeping sponsors at a variety of international aviation events such as EAA AirVenture Oshkosh as well as the Free Flight World Masters in France. The brand is also constantly working with the world’s leading movie makers to create timepieces that enhance movie characters and plots. Hamilton watches combine a strong American spirit with the unrivaled precision of the latest Swiss movements and technology. Here at Gruno’s Diamond in Rockford we are proud to offer an outstanding array of Hamilton timepieces. The Hamilton collection is also available at Gruno’s Diamonds in Madison. With it’s distinctive style, there is a Hamiton watch for everyone. Visit us at Gruno’s Diamonds in Rockford and Gruno’s Diamonds in Madison , let us guide you in the perfect selection of a Hamilton timepiece.



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