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Our showrooms are open for both locations: Monday - Saturday: 10am-5pm Any further questions or if you prefer an appointment or curbside delivery email us at: or call: Madison: 608-829-1525 or Rockford: 815-399-1525.

Purple Flower Foundation

Come with us on a journey through Botswana Africa where Purple Flower Foundation blossomed.

With this ring

Gruno's Diamonds promises to love honor and cherish the people and animals of Botswana who are touched by our diamonds. Along with our partner ForevermarkUS, we empower women, protect wildlife, restore land, and support education more


Please join us in Rockford May 1 and May 2 from 10am-6pm or in Madison location May 3 from 12-6pm and May 4 from 10am-6pm. Whether you are buying, trading or selling, find the expertise and more

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