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Our Team at Gruno's Diamond

Welcome to Gruno's Diamonds‬


Exacting standards for quality products and extraordinary customer service are two parts that have kept Gruno’s Diamonds on top of the market for over 70 years. Our incredible professionals ensure that every client is treated with care and respect.

 Knowledgeable and Trusted Team at Gruno's Diamonds‬

Knowledgeable and Trusted

Each of our team members goes through continuous education on the traditions and innovations to the watchmaking industry. With routine updates on Rolex technologies, our professionals always know the latest information regarding these luxurious and fashion-forward timepieces. We can assist with any questions you may have while you are shopping in either our Rockford or Madison jewelry stores. While exploring on our website, give us a call so that we may assist wherever you happen to currently be shopping from; near or far, we are there for you.

Our Professional Team at  Gruno's Diamonds‬

Classic Professionals

Besides being able to help you find your next Rolex you purchase, our team of professionals can also expertly clean and repair your timepieces. The intricate mechanisms and features of your Rolex watches deserve the expertise our staff can provide to extend the life of your luxury watches. Proficiency and attention to detail are important requirements for the jeweler you trust with taking care of your precious items. At Gruno’s Diamonds, we have the experience and reputable history that makes us a first choice within the communities when you are searching for a new Rolex and need yours repaired.

 Rolex Team at Gruno’s Diamonds

Enjoy Rolex at Gruno’s Diamonds

Everything we do at Gruno’s Diamonds is to strive for the best and make sure that all of our customers are taken care of with the level of quality that we would expect for our own family. Discover a gorgeous new Rolex within either our Rockford or Madison jewelry stores, and then come back time and time again when your Rolex watches need to be serviced as well. It is our honor to be an Official Rolex Jeweler in both Rockford and Madison, and we look forward to assisting as many as possible in finding their next beautiful purchase. Contact our Gruno’s Diamonds professionals to begin your journey to luxury.