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79862523 top view
79862523 side view
79862523 top view 79862523 side view


Round Diamond Top View
Round Diamond Side View
Table 57.99999999999999%
Culet None


Diamond Color

The color grade K describes a diamond that has a faint yellow tint. When looked upon by the naked eye, these diamonds will have very faint yellow hue to them. The color of these diamonds will become most apparent if compared side by side to diamonds with higher color grades, otherwise the faint yellow color will mostly appear as a soft hue. Diamonds of this color grade are beautiful, with slight color to them. K is a fair color grade choice.


The third highest clarity grade, VVS1 ensures a diamond that appears flawless, but has some infinitesimal inclusions or internal flaws. These inclusions can only be detected by an expert gemologist under 10x magnification and even then are difficult to distinguish. When inspected professionally from the top of the diamond usually no inclusions are detectable, but can be identified from the bottom of the diamond. To the naked eye, this diamond will appear flawless and its grade only affects its price, but not its appearance. VVS1 is an excellent clarity grade choice, offering both superb quality and value.

Representative diamond under high magnification
Diamond Clarity