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Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. No high-pressure sales tactics. They seem perfectly happy to show you around whatever you'd like to see, even if you're just browsing.

- Nicholas Knudsen

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Sue Grace is one of the most personable salespeople I have ever met. Twenty-plus years ago I bought my girlfriend jewelry from Sue at the old Gruno's location in the Colonial Village Mall. Several years had passed before I went back to Gruno's, and Sue remembered me by name. It's said that it is hard to find good employees. Gruno's has found GREAT employees.

- Dan Block

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I have visited Gruno's many times in my life, and it is always a heartwarming experience. I have visited as a buyer of gifts and special items for people in my life. These items are beautiful and memorable gifts that I always find at Gruno's. It is my hope that I will always be remembered through the beautiful gifts I give. In return, Gruno's has been so kind as to donate to the fundraisers that ultimately produce happiness to those less fortunate. Gruno's owners are great people, and they make a difference in the lives of many. Lastly, Gruno's is a very reputable and high-integrity business. I always trust them and will be loyal forever.

- Melissa Leuzinger

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This is by far the best Rolex and jewelry store in the nation. They have superb customer service along with a highly skilled and dedicated group of employees. These guys know what they are doing! The quality of their jewelry is outstanding when compared to other jewelers. This is the only place my wife and I go to for any kind of jewelry whether it be rings, necklaces, watches, etc. Once you go to Gruno's whether in Rockford or Madison, you won't go anywhere else.

- Ankur Wadia

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This is the only jewelry boutique in Rockford, Illinois, or anywhere else for that matter, that can be trusted. For custom jewelry, jewelry repair, watch repair or any type of design consultation, this is the only place to go. You are greeted with a smile and a friendly hello and then promptly attended to. The customer service is first-class and so are the employees. Their selection of in-stock jewelry and watches is remarkable. The decor inside is elegant and sophisticated. You feel as though you are in a jewelry boutique in a large city. Gruno's Diamonds is like a five-star hotel. From the time you enter until the time you leave, your every need is fulfilled. It is done respectfully with the highest regard to detail. Thank you Gruno's for bringing such elegance and beauty to Rockford, Illinois.

- Amie Rock

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I know these guys already have five-star reviews, but I just had to add one more, because they're that good. The Gruno's team is amazing. I have purchased multiple pieces over the years. They are extremely friendly, professional, timely, and do very high quality work. I will recommend this place to anyone who needs help with their jewelry or who is looking for something special. The service they offer and business they run are top-notch. I can't say enough good things about them!

- Jack Masters III

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They turned a bad situation into a good experience for me. My fiance purchased my engagement ring here, and within eight months, two different diamonds fell out of the band (without damage to the setting) at two different times — one in March and one in August. I was very upset and both times they fixed it for free for me. I went in expecting to have to fight with them, and Josh was amazing. He was a extremely pleasant and helpful, and they got it back to me the same day. Kudos!

- Lauren M.

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